Campus partners have expressed the benefits of partnering with CCEAL:

We are community college focused.

Our surveys are the only ones of their kind, with a focus on equity and institutional effectiveness.

We help fill knowledge gaps about underserved populations at your campus.

Findings will inform your annual equity planning and strategic planning efforts.

Our surveys were created by nationally recognized experts.

We provide the option to incorporate institution-specific questions in the survey.*

Our student survey is informed by analysis of over 100 community colleges.

We help provide validation for internal discussions and efforts.

Focus group data* can enhance quantitative data to better understand survey results, which inform action planning to support student needs.*

We provide consultation and advice on concrete next steps to improve your campus’ equity efforts and address identified needs.*

Our clients receive their full data set to run their own queries and analyses.

*Add-On Service



The full life-cycle of a campus project lasts approximately one year, and deliver reports. Key steps include:

Inquiry & Information

CCEAL offers an informational conference call to prospective partners to ensure you understand the project process, timeline, and deliverables.


We work with your institution to determine the package that best suits your needs and budget.

Survey Administration

We coordinate closely with your Institutional Research (IR) Department, as well as a designated campus coordinator to ensure survey administration is conducted effectively.


We provide reports for each of the three instruments, access to your institution’s data for internal analysis, and high level recommendations.

After-Work & Implementation

Package add-ons related to after-work may be included in the contract, or contract services may be secured post-project to assist with implementation.*

*See Pricing section for details.


Core Package

Add-On Services

Licensing Package

  1. Survey Administration & Support: Includes onboarding campus partners, generating a random sample, updating survey administration protocol, providing survey materials, and offering survey administration support
  2. Survey Results Analysis: Analysis of CCSM and CC-IDI results, data disaggregation, to reveal patterns of inequity, and provide the college partner with its data sets
  3. Survey Reports: Reports are provided for the CCSM and CC-IDI, as well as key recommendations based on findings
  1. Support for developing institution-specific survey questions; help improve question methodological rigor; conduct analysis and reporting on question results ($3,000)
  2. One-hour web-based presentation of survey findings or focus group findings ($2,500)
  3. Day-long campus visit to discuss survey results with multiple college stakeholders ($6,500)
  4. Focus Groups to deepen and expand insights from survey findings ($8,000 per focus group with a minimum of 5 focus groups required to generate meaningful data and insights); report included
CCEAL licenses the IAP to institutions that are well-equipped to own survey administration and analysis.

College Qualifications:
  1. Must have access to a scantron machine to process the surveys
  2. Quantitative analysis software is necessary to analyze the data (SPSS, R, Stata, etc.)
  3. Must have a strong Institutional Research Department to administer survey and analyze results
Price: $25,500 Price: See Above Price: $15,800